AVIV Basketball Net

Moisture wicking and antimicrobial basketball net engineered to dry and clean the ball each time it goes through the hoop. Constructed with a proprietary blend of three high-performance fibers, the Aviv Net removes more moisture and bacteria in comparison to a quality, traditional nylon net. Get ready to enhance your gameplay with a net that works smarter, safer, and better for you. 


  • NBA Regulation weight and length, 18” L
  • All-weather compatible, heavy-duty construction, washable
  • Indoor/Outdoor compatible
  • Fits standard rims
  • Removable and customizable logo options
  • Eliminates sweat and bacteria
  • Enhances ball handling and shooting performance

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Aviv Net Technology

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Innovative Net Technology

The most technologically advanced yarns and materials combine to create the dual action of drying and cleaning the ball.

Powerful Antimicrobial Effects

Antimicrobial fibers protect the health and safety of players by disinfecting the ball each time it goes through the hoop.

UV Protected For Any Weather

The AVIV net can withstand rigorous gameplay both indoors and outdoors. It is made of high performance washable fibers that can withstand any weather condition.

Quick Dry

The AVIV net dramatically reduces moisture on the ball every time it goes through the net, improving ball handling and shooting.

What Others Are Saying About AVIV

Enhance Technical Performance

Traditional basketball nets have not changed in over 130 years, though the game itself has evolved significantly during that time. The AVIV Basketball Net was engineered with athletes’ performance ability and safety in mind, so you no longer need to handle a gross and slippery ball, and can play smarter, safer and better. 

Feel confident with Every move you make

When using the AVIV Basketball Net, players will have a decreased risk of coming in contact with harmful bacteria and be able to play with a far less slippery ball than usual, ultimately improving ball handling and shooting.