The World has Changed Dramatically. Why Hasn’t our Sports Equipment?

The sports we love and the athletes who play them are evolving every day. Aviv believes your equipment should evolve too. We strive to use the most advanced technology in sports equipment, so you can focus on achieving greatness in the game.

Our Approach

Designing The Future of Sports Equipment for All

Innovative Technology

AVIV is constantly looking to reimagine what’s possible. We always challenge the status quo to change the game for the better.

Health & Safety

We use innovation and technology to ensure athletes, teams and leagues are as healthy and safe as they can be.

Highest Quality

Our products are rigorously tested by the highest level athletes to ensure you get the highest level of quality product.

Equality & Inclusion

AVIV believes in allowing equal opportunity, support, and feedback for all players. We believe we are all better when we play as one united team.

Girl Power

AVIV stands for women in sports, and gender equality across all sports and all walks of life.

Environmentally Friendly

We work to ensure our products last longer and can be washed or re-used whenever possible.

About The Founder

Breaking Barriers All His Life

AVIV’s founder, Tamir Goodman, is a former professional American-Israeli basketball player, who was once ranked the 25th best high-school basketball player in the country. Dubbed “The Jewish Jordan” by Sports Illustrated magazine in 1999, Goodman has continued his career as a successful entrepreneur, coach, educator and motivational speaker.

Feel Confident With Every Move You Make

Aviv finds inspiration and joy in helping athletes be safer and perform at their peak. We love nothing more than helping move players from chasing greatness to achieving greatness.

From playing basketball in high school through to professional leagues and now coaching, one of the biggest complaints I hear from players is frustration with the ball slipping out of their grip. I was inspired to find a way to give players their confidence back, so they can be the best player they can be.


Aviv’s moisture wicking and antimicrobial net dramatically reduces sweat, moisture, bacteria and germs from the ball the second it meets the net — so players can stop worrying about slippage and get back to the game.