First Ever Basketball Net Signage System Makes Professional Debut in FIBA and in NCAA’s CIAA Tournament

Aviv Sports’ Patented Net Signage System Enables Monetization of the Basketball Net for the First Time in History

[Baltimore, March 13, 2024] – AVIV, a Baltimore-based sports innovation and apparel company and creator of the first-ever moisture wicking and antimicrobial basketball net, announced the successful debut of its newest innovation ─ a state-of-the-art fully customizable and removable net signage system. The new signage system offers an unparalleled opportunity for teams and leagues to monetize the basketball net through sponsorship of the best logo placement in the arena. The signage system can be used with Aviv’s patented nets or with any traditional nylon net.

In addition to monetizing the net through sponsorship opportunities, the new net signage system also creates phenomenal in-game used memorabilia opportunities.

Fans can now take home a piece of history from any basketball game. The signage system can be auctioned off for profit or for charity, or it can be given away to loyal fans. Additionally, the new signage system enables teams and leagues to create another channel for selling their team logos via team-branded net signage that can be attached to either outdoor or indoor home use basketball nets.

Aviv holds the utility patents for multiple approaches to affixing removable signage on sports netting. Through extensive research and development, testing and prototyping, Aviv has created the safest net signage system available, ensuring that players can not hurt themselves on it. The net signage system is also extremely easy to remove and reapply in seconds. Crafted from weatherproof, UV-resistant TPU, Aviv signage pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor court use.

Player safety is of paramount importance to Aviv. That is why the signage system has been designed to hang on nets without posing a threat to players’ hands during gameplay. The signage material is pliable and has no hard or sharp edges and comes off the net when downward pressure is applied by a player. The signage system stays on during gameplay, able to weather a monster dunk or a deep three with no problem.

On the professional level, the Aviv signage system was used for the first time and featured sponsorship from one of the largest Israeli banks, Mizrahi Bank, during a FIBA game at Pais Arena between Hapoel Jerusalem and UNET Holon. The game was televised by Israel’s top sports channel.

Stateside and at the collegiate level, the new signage system made its debut at the NCAA’s CIAA Tournament. It was featured prominently for 20+ men’s and women’s games during the entirety of the HBCU’s CIAA Tournament, which was broadcasted on ESPN and ESPN+, with thousands of fans in attendance throughout the week.

“Every aspect of the court and arena has been successfully monetized, except for where everyone focusses their attention throughout the game. Only the basketball net has remained an untapped opportunity,” commented Tamir Goodman, Co-founder of Aviv and former professional basketball player. “That’s why we were ecstatic to see our signage system in action for the first time. It changes the game for sponsors, fans, teams and leagues.  We know that this is the beginning of a new standard for sports marketing, memorabilia creation and fan engagement.”

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Aviv is a game-changing sports innovation company with multiple patents on its products. We are the creators of the first-ever customizable and removable signage system for nets, providing endless opportunities for teams and leagues to monetize the most watched part of the sport. Aviv also is the creator of the first-ever moisture wicking and antimicrobial basketball net that dries the ball 11 times more than a traditional nylon net. Evolve your game with Aviv.